• Yes. There are tons of parrots, ravens, mynahs, lyrebirds, etc., who can mimic the sound of human speech clearly enough to be widely understood; however, to our current knowledge, only the grey parrot has been proven to understand the meaning of the words it says. That doesn't mean that other parrots for sure do not know the meanings of the words they say, but it hasn't been proven one way or the other. I have a grey parrot in my home who can form contextual speech, i.e. "I want a peanut" when he wants a peanut, "Goodnight" when he wants to sleep, answering questions about his environment (for example how many objects are presented to him or what type of material things are made of - wood, metal, food, etc.), and plenty of other subtler cues.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yes, thanks for the input and comment ;)
    • Linda Joy
      My sister's grey parrot imitates the phone ringing to get her to come in. It also imitates the microwave dinging. It talked, too, but I never met the parrot.

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