• I'm sure we've all heard it over the PSA announcements. Wash your hands, stay 6ft apart, mask up, not just because of coronavirus but all the viruses. We have documented proof that other viral infections and allergies are down. The whole world is cleaner than it used to be. And social networking over the internet has done a fantastic job of providing something to allow safe interaction. I'm connected with my doctors, friends and family online, and can order products to be delivered. But be sure to use a computer facemask (or computer condom) and practice safe computing in the form of virus protection. 😊
    • Linda Joy
      Everything changes. You will find many opportunities to invent new things because there is a need to be filled. In order to survive you have to adapt to change. It will come at you all your life. Don't turn it into an insurmountable obstacle in your mind, but a challenge to be accepted and conquered, or if you prefer, a puzzle to be figured out? A river to be navigated... A journey to be discovered... Whatever motivates you to adapt. You'll either survive or die. And whether or not you live in fear is your choice.

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