• Yes, this still makes me wonder?
  • Different religions have different ideas about this. My Church teaches us that you can't be baptized until you are old enough to understand the covenants you are making with God and choose to make them. My niece is severely mentally retarded, so it took her longer, but most children who are 8 interview with the Bishop before they are baptized. Even new converts do the same no matter the age. Most churches want you to do it their way. My Church dedicates the child soon after birth and announces their name before The Church and gives it a sweet sweet blessing. At 8 they also graduate from Primary to Young men's and young women's groups. You may want to check with your church and ask them. I'm sorry for your loss! I still miss my mom. Yesterday was her birthday.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your kindness and thanks for sharing your info with me

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