• I just created an account for Answerbag a few days ago. I've been using Yahoo Answers for about 15 years. Answerbag has better graphics than Yahoo Answers. I am still learning the ins and outs of Answerbag, so it is likely that I will slowly discover other advantages of this site over that of Yahoo Answers.
  • The only advantage I see is that AB is still in business and YA is folding.
  • I signed on to YA once and they wanted to charge points for either asking or answering questions and I didn't like that, so I didn't use it. I also don't like any Q&A site that downrates questions or answers. I signed on here several years after MSN's Q&A closed. Been here about 4 years now, but I wasn't on the old AB. It was a small quiet site and I thought of it more as a family. Sometimes too slow, but it has picked up since YA closed. Welcome everyone.
  • It got taken offline and came back, around 2016. This probably means that the owners of this site are extra passionate about it. It isn't going out of business. It isn't Reddit or Quora and doesn't have mainstream people. :) I'll miss YA! also.. 😊

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