• That would depend on the group of people. Most people I meet nowadays are surprised to learn I was in the Navy. I think most people who see me at almost 60 would be surprised to learn I came in second in a beauty contest. Most people at Church would be surprised to learn I used to cuss like a sailor when I was one. Or that I'm blunt and tactless with people online. And people on this site would be surprised to know I'm a nice person in real life. People I knew during my selfish phase would be surprised to know how much I give away now. Most people don't know I can say the alphabet backwards, or work the triangle peg game to one peg in less than a minute. Or that I used to drive a Trump aircraft deicing truck in Maine. Or that I can crack a case of eggs (360 eggs) into a pan one at a time putting the shells in the trash in under 8 minutes (thanks to my time spent on extra duty in the chow hall!) Or that I suck at video games, playing musical instruments, art, and most sports. Or that I haven't driven since about 2009. What about you?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for sharing your comment :)

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