• A mask to keep the allergens out. Changing clothes and washing allergens off when you come in from outdoors. Are your allergens indoors or outdoors? For indoor allergens vacuum every day and use allergen filters on your heat and ac filters. Use a netty pot to rinse the allergens out of your sinuses. Whether to use a Vaporizer, humidifier or dehumidifier depends on the humidity level in your home. Read this article:
    • DancesWithWolves
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    • Franco333
      Nebulizer is better. A spray of Ozium in the morning will sanitize the air. Use of a negative ion generator through the day will keep it clean. A couple drops of Mullein essential oil or tincture in the distilled water of a vaporizer will slowly repair damaged lungs (if not too severe), and will require everyday use for at least a year for noticeable results.

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