• Maybe you should ask the BBQ girl! Dang, you need to proofread and edit so people can understand what it is you're trying to say!! Is bl supposed to be lb, the abbreviation for pound? And they vary in size not very. Surely if you're old enough to build a GRILL you should know they're about the size of a football. And if you don't have enough room laying them down on their backs, stick something up their butts and stand them up! Some people use an open can of beer for that. Its supposed to preserve the internal moisture. Do they all HAVE to be done at the same time? You could also install a spit over the top. You know cave men didn't have BBQ grills. They cooked over an open flame. But even at KFC we usually only cooked two chickens at a time. If we got really busy the shift leader or manager would help cook. If you put in a second rack the top rack can baste the bottom meat. I don't grill a lot but from what little I know its the fat drippings that usually cause flame ups. And there will be more with two layers.
    • zeeboyo
      sorry I have bad grammar and if u have Pollo Loco where you live you'll see that they cook so many at the same time but i want to do only 6 or less at a time some like this 0 0 0 0 0 0 if u have a Albertsons thy have rotisserie Chicken oven and cook so many at the same time my girl want to sell like that full chickens in her country of the Philippines

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