• Site your source! How many 'conservatives' think that and how do you know what they think? Why do you think private entities that require masks are violating YOUR RIGHTS? Which, by the way is not protected in the constitution!
    • Ilovesealions
      My sources that some people say something? Um okay, here's a YA post with some conservatives saying why they think that. Lol. If it doesn't apply to you, guess what, obviously the question doesn't pertain to you. It's asking this that do feel that way why they feel that way. You're incredibly naive if you don't think a single conservative thinks that hon. How do I know what they think? Because it's 100% given that at least 1 conservative thinks that way. Unless you're saying every single one thinks the same way? Why do I think private entities requiring masks violate my rights? Cite your sources babe. Where tf did I say anything about that? Never once did I claim their business decisions violate anyone's rights sweetie. I know it's not protected in the constitution lol. Neither is people's (nonexistent) right to be on someone else's property armed. Anywho, back to the question. Do you know why some conservatives think it violates their rights (which again some absolutely do think) or do you not know why? If you don't, why reply to the question if you're not going to answer it? That's not very smart hon.

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