• I think I'll get a power chair so I can sit while I shop and honk at people that get in my way. haha. And have power chair races... after I get Tim Taylor to give it 'more power'! haha
    • bostjan64
      Haha. We used to see a guy riding around town on a supercharged power chair, but I have not seen him since 2017. I hope he's okay. It seemed dangerous to me to go 40 miles per hour in a vehicle engineered to go maybe 6 mph max.
    • Linda Joy
      lol! There is a guy in the next unit over that rides his power chair all over. I'm jealous! His is fast, but I don't think its super charged. Honestly I'd probably be afraid to go too fast!!
  • I'll tell you when I reach that age. I'm only 43 right now.
    • Linda Joy
      So what do you think is great about your 40's?

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