• If I owned a billboard, I'd probably rent it out. Those things cost over a thousand bucks a week, typically, to rent. Incidentally, though, the state of Vermont has made billboards illegal.
    • Linda Joy
      Seems like everything is illegal in Vermont. No wonder they have to pay people to move there. What kind of taxes do y'all pay?
    • bostjan64
      A lot of things are illegal here and a lot of things are legal. Smoking pot is legal but smoking cigarettes in public is illegal. Nearby NH is on track to legalize everything, and their economy is (no surprise) doing ten times better than ours. Our taxes are some of the highest in the US, I think second or third. Meanwhile our roads are falling apart and most of our public schools only go up to 8th grade. It's not a horrible state but it's far from perfect. I mean, we have really good cheese and maple syrup.

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