• Link please? I thought CPAP was a breathing machine, so I looked it up and I think you meant CPAC. I still don't see a 97% approval rating.
    • Norpam
      Your right it's CPAC thanks for catching that but the 97‰ was the approval for last year it was 95% the year prior.
  • If you meant to say CPAC and 55%, I'd say that it's not really historically a good indicator of the elections. Look at how many times Jack Kemp or Pat Buchannan or Rand Paul won, only to get snubbed at the subsequent primaries. And, if you meant CPAP and 97% then LOL.
    • Norpam
      The 55% was for people that wanted to see him run in 2024 what surprised me was Ron DeSantis who came in 2nd with 22% probably because he's done such a great job in Florida.
  • As Linda Joy & Bostjan64 mentioned I presume you mean cpac, I only know there was a Golden statue of Trump there as he was an idol.
    • Norpam
      The gold statue was a inside joke, they knew the liberal media would have a heart attack which they did, Hook line and sinker.
  • I think it's great.😌

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