• No,it isn't. I see pretty big events in the USA. No one's wearing masks or just a few. I guess it depends on what part of the country you're from.
  • You can die if you want, but its not o.k. to be a typhoid Mary and spread it around to everyone in the store. IMO you should have more respect for the lives and feelings of others than your own personal pleasure of stirring up contention on purpose because you know others disapprove and want to start something with anyone who says something just because you childishly don't like being told what to do. So don't wear a mask and don't use the store. Its obvious you have others who were shopping with you. The stores I use all say on the door you are required to wear a mask if you want to do business in the store. If that was the case with the store you were in then you are 100% WRONG!! Personally I'd have had you thrown out of the store without ever saying a word to you. I would have threatened to leave and report them to the health department if they didn't throw you out!! There could have been sick people and children in there. Frankly I find your selfishness disgusting! And I don't even care if I get COVID personally. I wouldn't have stopped your hand. I'd have let you hit me then I would have given you two black eyes and a busted lip so you could have a good two or three weeks of explaining to everyone you know why you should wear your mask, and I'd have sued you for starting it all so you could think about the consequences of your behavior a while longer! She let you off easy with a pie face!
  • Frankly, both you and your antagonist are making horrible life choices.

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