• You might have to try a lot of different things before you know what you like. Nutritional yeast can be used kind of like a seasoning. You might like the flavour or you might dislike it. Personally, I like it, but I know many people who don't care for it. What general dishes do you like and what do you like about them? Fake meat has gotten a lot better in the past couple years, but, no matter how good they make it, it'll always be a fake version of a real thing. I try to stay away from those and cook vegetables to be vegetables. There are lots of vegetarian dishes that have been around for centuries - succotash, baba ganoush, ratatouille, pasta primavera, falafel, etc... are all typically vegetarian main course dishes that don't try to masquerade as something else. A lot of central and east Asian dishes are vegetarian by default as well. But you have to try to eat what you like, because if you don't like salad and try to simply live off of salad, you're just going to eventually give up on your diet. But personally, my top three vegetarian dishes are: 3. Masaman Curry (root vegetables and peanuts in a earthy spicy Thai sauce), 2. Misir Wat (slow-cooked lentils in a spicy tomato sauce - with Ethiopian seasonings), and 1. Chana Masala (curried garbonzo beans in a spicy tomato Indian gravy). But that's because I like spicy food.
    • Linda Joy
      I like spicy food too! I have a 14oz. jar of ground red pepper, a couple of tubes of yellow habanero paste and one of carolina reaper. I prefer to make habanero sauce fresh at home and mix it with mayo for sandwiches. But I also like salads... just not every day. I like pasta, too! But I'm finding the commercially prepared sauces high in sodium, so I mix them with a can of no salt added tomatoes, sometimes adding other stuff to cut the sodium. Same with salsa, if I buy it at all. I prefer fresh. I did a google search for vegetarian dishes as well. My main concern is cost. I have time, but can't stand for long. I have burned a couple pots of beans lately, so I need to dig out my slow cooker. I will look up recipes for the dishes you suggested. I think its just that I'm not aware of good vegetarian dishes. I don't like green limas, so succotash is something I don't usually eat. And I'm not familiar with the other dishes you named.
    • bostjan64
      If you have a slow cooker, you should be in great shape to make all sorts of bean dishes. The Ethiopian spicy lentils might be your best bet with the slow-cooker. I usually only prepare those over the weekend, when I have time to soak the lentils and cook them all day to get them soft enough. You could always just toss whatever combination of beans and vegetables you like in the slow cooker and just let it do the magic.
    • Linda Joy
      I looked up a recipe for chana masala and it called for Garam masala. I saw tikka masala at Aldi and bought it thinking it was garam masala. Big difference! But I have most of the spices for garam masala. Aldi doesn't carry that or chicpeas for that matter.

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