• Objects in motion will age slower than objects at rest. So, get on a superfast rocketship (near speed of light) and take a trip. When youre back to earth, you'll see some gray-haired folks who look a little familiar. They may ask you to push their wheelchairs. They will be your grandchildren.
    • bostjan64
      True, but a) that's kind of contrary to my goal and b) it'll be difficult to accomplish much being cooped up on a spaceship moving at a relativistic speed away from the Earth.
  • The only way I know of to stop aging is to die. Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it! (My ex could attest to that!) I don't remember hoping for anything much as a child. I spent most of my life putting out fires and struggling to survive. Now I'm old can't do the things I would if my body would just cooperate! I'm not complaining. It was an exciting adventure I never would or could have planned that forced me to be adaptable and strengthened me, which has served me well in my life. And I can still do all that stuff in my head and plan for what I will do in heaven after I do a backflip off the back porch of time into eternity and dance off to greet my predecessors.

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