• Gary Oliva. It is old news.,convicted%20pedophile%20currently%20serving%20a%2010-year%20sentence%20in
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yeah hard to say, thanks for your comment
  • No idea. I recall that, at the time, loads of people speculated that either her older brother or one of her parents had done it, with no evidence, and in spite of DNA evidence of the contrary. To me, it looks like someone broke into their home and killed the little girl, and then successfully fled. Whoever that person is was probably never arrested for a violent crime, otherwise, the DNA evidence would have linked to someone by now. The extremely bizarre ransom note seems to point to someone who knew the mother, but the fact that an extremely long handwritten random note was left at a murder scene, after being written on a pad of paper and with a pen that were from the home, is just too weird. Unfortunately, it might be that the only person who will ever know may be the killer himself.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Yeah I agree I don't think they will ever know who done it

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