• Calm down, sweetie! Its no longer a crisis. The vaccine has arrived. People who have had it are growing immunity. BTW we produce some of the best medical experts there are. We sent a medical ship to New York and they sent them away.
    • Linda Joy
      Also here the NP's are getting to learn more because the Dr.'s are being used more for covid. So they are getting more efficient to make up for it. The NP's talk to you get the pertinent details and report back to the attending physician so they can address more patients per dr. And we are doing telehealth and zoom consults from home when possible, they mail meds to limit people even going to the hospital. In fact you're not allowed in if you don't have an appointment, and they screen you for covid before they let you enter. I don't know where you live, but here they're doing a great job. Most places are over the hump. There are a few places where cases are growing but for the most part its on the decline. Vaccines are being given at the VA hospital, first to those over 75, then over 65. I heard them calling people and making appointments for the vaccine while sitting in the waiting room for my appointment. I expect I'll get the call for my vaccine appointment soon.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey Terrible Judge, where do you live and where do you volunteer to help these people? What are YOU doing to help?

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