• Send me $10 cash and I'll teach you a secret how these sorts of scams work. (Please don't send cash, it was a joke)
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  • Have you ever done a google search for only the word "gullible?" The results are pretty entertaining.
  • Why is it any different if they are in another country, OR over the internet? Do you usually ask for separate checks when you go on a date? Have you not taken a bribe of sorts to your date? Chocolate, flowers, wine? Men and women pay for dates in a myriad of ways. Sometimes in the form of parenthood if they're not careful. How many people do you know where one partner makes significantly more money than the other partner and end up supporting their partner, sometimes intentionally to keep them home. What about someone who keeps the other in cigarettes and beer? This sort of thing has been going on ever since there have been people. There are even monkeys who settle land disputes with sex. And lesbian sex at that! And it doesn't make you gullible to send a friend a phone card or money card. Or buy them a coffee.
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