• I saw a few concerts as a kid, but don't remember those too well, except in one instance that is kind of a long story. Even the concerts I attended as a teenager are at least a little foggy in my memory. I saw CCR after Tom Fogerty died, saw the Moody Blues, the B-52s, Deep Purple, Huey Lewis, Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton (after his heyday), Page and Plant, and a ton more. I was at the infamous Detroit Y2K concert with Metallica, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Sevendust. I remember that one very clearly, but it was very far from my first concert.
  • It would of been a school concert. One I remember was about Hiawatha.
  • When my sister was eight and I was seven our parents took us to see Tony Bennett at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City NJ. It was thrilling to see him sing.
  • The first musical concert that I attended was a concert presented by the local symphony. I was 13-years-old. I loved the music, and I attended a number of such concerts throughout my life.
  • My first concert was Gillan, Ian Gillan's band post-Deep Purple pre-Black Sabbath band. It was the first of many concerts I attended, Kiss, Motorhead, The Damned & Eek-a-mouse among others. In recent years I've prefered smaller gigs or small festivals and consider myself lucky to have seen Desmond Decker, Prince Buster & Tim Rose in small venues, all towards the end of their time.
  • First one I remember was a thing for kids at a bog that I grew up near. It was called Romp in the Swamp and it was a one man show. I liked his guitar and I thought his shoes were cool. My mom bought me the record. The first concert I went to on my own was when I was 13- it was NIN and I would say that it did have an impact on me. It was the first time I had a physical reaction to music. Tingles and floaty feeling etc.
  • Murray the K's Rock n Roll show

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