• I was abused and molested as a toddler as well. You most likely need counseling. Are you seeing a mental health provider? If not talk to your school counselor. You didn't say how this is affecting you now, and that's really the only thing that matters. Some people put it in the past and get over it, others may actually develop BPD - borderline personality disorder. Fact is you can't do anything to change the past. The future is the only time you can affect and you need to make a plan and start now on how to do that to get the most out of your future. If you don't you will be letting those biological parents who can't even touch you anymore to continue to hurt you for the rest of your life. Don't give them that. Take your future back NOW! They can't control what you do anymore. Only you can limit you now. Stop wallowing in the past and make a future for yourself that will show your bios they can't control you or your thoughts anymore! Regain your freedom!!

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