• Same way all other species do. They die off and no more of that kind are made.
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      I fixed it thanks
  • How did the Neanderthals come to exist? or How did the Neanderthals go extinct? They came about because of variation in the genetics of Homo Heidelbergensis varied whilst a group of them were isolated in Europe. Those particular individuals tended to have more reproductive success when they were more tolerant of cold and had bigger brains, so the group tended to breed those traits. Neanderthals never formed a large population, usually having only around 3000 individuals alive at a time. As the Earth warmed out of its recent ice age, Homo Sapiens (modern humans) assimilated the small group of Neanderthals as they moved into Eurasia, so the species itself went extinct, but its DNA lives on in modern Europeans and Asians.
  • They went clubbing
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  • We bred with them. Bred them out.

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