• I don't. But I'm not normal. I've thought about some of the friends from high school, but many more from places I've worked since then. I think those who choose to spend their time in their high school past are those who peaked back then.
  • Formative years. Personally, I don't really reflect on those years anymore - too far in the past.
  • They are nostalgic.
  • I have recurring dreams about being high school aged or in middle school, and I know I'm not alone. I think it is because our teenage years are so emotionally charged and embarrassing. We care a lot more about what our peers think of us. We experience things like unrequited love/ rejection for the first time. Everything feels devastating. It's a time of experimentation and rebellion. For some it is simultaneously the best time of their lives. It can stay with us. I did not have parents for most of my high school years so it was an especially hard struggle that still pops up in my dreams sometimes.

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