• I use vegetable oil that has 920mg of omega 3s per serving.
  • I don't fry food. I use vegetable oil in my bread when I make it. Other than that I use margarine. But I don't usually use oil when I cook. I use meat fat sometimes, along with the meat, like Italian sausage with pasta, or sometimes I add cheese, or mayo. But I don't eat much meat either.
    • bostjan64
      Small amounts of fats are healthy, well, if they are healthy fats... Margarine is interesting. It's generally just vegetable oil with hydrogen bubbled through it and an emulsifier (usually dairy) added. Some of the kids I grew up with put lard in their hair instead of hair gel. It usually smelled pretty bad to me, but at least it didn't go to waste.
    • Linda Joy
      My ex said a black guy in the brig used to put pats of butter in his hair and it smelled rancid. Probably would have used some kind of hair grease if it had been available, but had to use what he had access to. Black hair will break off easily if its not kept moisturized. I've heard people say margarine is only one molecule away from plastic, but then many things only one molecule apart are VERY different things. H2O, O2, H2O2... Yes, some vitamins are fat soluble. I might opt for healthy fats if I could afford them or thought they were really what the bottle says...

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