• You should check out the singer chase coy. He's a talented acoustic artist. Try his song "all those nights"
  • If I were you, I'd work a little bit more on my tone and pitch before taking it on the road. I think you could be 99% of the way there. Please don't get discouraged by this, but you did a lot of switching between your head voice (falsetto) and chest voice (normal singing), and some of the transitions were just a little off-pitch - not gratingly out of tune, just enough to be perceivable. Although, I can't tell from just one song. If that was your weakest song, then you're ready for showtime.
  • You need to project your voice more from your diaphragm, remember your voice is a musical organ also, you need to inhale more air into your lungs in order to do this. You also need to train the wobble, which again will be helped by proper inhalation and projection, learn to hold your notes. Guitar playing is good though.
  • Everyone who sings professionally should have lessons from a professional singing coach.

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