• This QAnon stuff and COVID science denial is crazy and currently in our faces a lot, but, it happens on the left too. Before Trump's presidency I actually noticed more of it on the left than the right. On the right we saw things like (in general) creationism and climate change denial. On the left we saw things like anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO, 9/11 conspiracy theories. And, I'm sure not immune to it. I loved that Zeitgeist documentary- and had to eat crow when I learned more about those things. I think it happens because of the huge amount of misinformation out there. Confirmation bias, and the way social media feeds us things. We are all so much more manipulated and vulnerable to it than we realize. I recently heard Obama in an interview from 2016 say "Someone who watches Fox News and someone who listens to NPR are on different planets." It's true. I'm trying hard to be more informed, question things more, and recognize good sources of information etc. but it takes a lot of practice.
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