• That can’t be answered since nobody has gone to an afterlife and returned with those details. All we know for sure is that the life we are living right now exists. So don’t waste it hating on yourself. Your life is precious. Try to improve yourself everyday and surround yourself with good people and find real things that make you happy instead of fixating on magically becoming someone else. Know what I mean?
  • Why wait? According to people like Rachel Dolezal, race is all in our heads.
  • Why do you wish to be white? Surely its not just the color of your skin. I'm a shorty and wish I could have reached the stuff I needed from the top shelf at the grocery store today and didn't have to let others treat me like a child who can't help themselves. I wish my legs were long enough to reach the pedals on a vehicle without needing extenders! I wish I could fit an exercise machine and reach anything other than only the bottom shelves in my kitchen! But wishing isn't going to change anything or profit me one whit! You would be happier if you accept the facts and accept who you are. Also if you take out the ' and key it back in the editor won't cut it off like that.

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