• There's more than a few places online where you can check to see if you like the charity, and how much of your donation goes directly to their cause. If it's too hard to find that info, I don't consider them to be transparent enough. I only donate to a few places though and always pass on the rest. I will usually give to March of Dimes and The Children's Hospital. I specifically avoid those Salvation Army bell ringers, but that's just me.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for sharing your opinion, yes I agree got to watch for them Salvation Army bell ringers :) :)
    • Linda Joy
      I think the bell ringers make it easy. I have nothing against them. However they're not even out there this year.
    • AskingForaFriend
      You’re right. I didn’t even notice they aren’t out this year... I swear- nothing can stoke my social anxieties more than a bell ringer can. Or kids selling girl scout cookies with their helicopter parents. Or high school kids asking for you to get donation items. I guess I don’t like being bothered in grocery store entrances. Ha ha. It’s a weird quirk!
    • Linda Joy
      Imagine that!! Your pet peaves were eliminated by covid!! Who would have thought?!!
  • Are you sure you're not just looking for reasons not to give? If you give for a purpose and the money doesn't go to that purpose you will still be blessed for giving with a happy heart. And the sin is not on you, its on them for their deception. And as Asking said you can research and find out where the money goes or donate elsewhere.
    • DancesWithWolves
      I'm just watching my money isn't going to a scammer and I live on a little SSI check and hardly have money to live on from month to month
    • Linda Joy
      I do to. Yet I seem to have everything I need.
  • There are many free charity sites where companies pay for the donation. IOW its absolutely free for you to give. My favorite free charity site is Includes links to hunger, medical, environment, animals. Currently I am giving to various animal shelters.

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