• Haha (Take your time... ") Are you saying you don't want any mistakes? It does take time to think how to explain how to think about this stuff, but I enjoy trying to look smart. OK. I'll let you ride along with the thinking process. OK. Where were we? {Take your time and read slowly.} Serving size - 2/5 oz So, we need to change the 8 oz box into 5ths so each side has a common denominator. First, think of the box as 8 portions like those little boxes. OK, eight boxes, 1 oz each. To get the portion size down to fifths, divide each box into five portions. Now you have 8 boxes divided into 5 portions. (Are you seeing that this is about multiplying fractions?) 8 boxes x 5 portions each. ~40 portions. ~ Since the little boxes were 1 oz each, and you divided them into five portions, the 40 portions are 1/5 oz each. Finally. Common denominators. If there are 40 1/5 oz portions in the box, and the serving size is two of those 1/5 oz portions, there are 20 servings. I will play with the math and see what works. It is probably 1/8 × 1/5. Yeah, that gives you the 40 portions.

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