• Jamal was right about 15 and 24 having a "common factor". That means that they have a factor in common. The factor that they have in common is 3 because 15 and 24 can both be divided by 3. Most generally, if you do something to one side of a fraction, you have to do the same thing to the other. So if you divide both sides by 3, the number stays equal and correct, and within specifications set by the Department of Fractions. Heather was thinking of "halving" a fraction. The even /odd thing only works with dividing by 2.(Or even numbers.) To simplify a fraction [ 64/160] go through 123...and see what number divides into both sides of the fraction. I picked that number (64/160) because I knew both sides had common factors of 2 and 8. 64/160, when each side is divided by the common factor of 8, equals 8/20. 8 and 20 have common factors of 2 and 4. Divide both sides by 4 and it simplifies further to 2/5.
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