• This is not a question. A question would be "Do you hate Christmas as much as I do?" or "Do you hate Christmas, too? Many people feel this way. Especially those with empty chairs left by those in the family who have passed on. But hating is a waste of energy that could be put to use doing something you like. My mom passed on Dec 15 many years ago. Now I dedicate time to her memory making breast cancer awareness ribbon scarves and give them to ladies I love to remind them to get their mammograms and do their self exams. My progress was halted when I lost my hook! I hope to find it again, soon!
  • You need to add Bah humbug!
  • I love the world-wideness of the real idea of Christmas. But I understand the feeling of Christmas being postcard perfect (snowy, farmhouse, Grandparents, fireplace, tree, gifts), and I know different degrees of "less than that". Or just feeling not connected or in the mood. But Christmas is beautiful. So I guess the answer is "Yes. Maybe. Sometimes." I don't know about "as much" but honestly I could do without some of it.
  • Christmas is a time to be joyus, give, be thankful, gather and love one another. The only reason why I would possibly hate Christmas is, why would they need a holiday for all these things. Why can't we live joyus, give be happy and love one another every single day. But I guess this is the only way to get people to notice that. Do I wish there was another way to do so? Most definitely. But, Mayvi, why do you hate Christmas?
  • Yes I do.All my friends have passed on except for one. He lives far away though.

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