• Well, one time I counted my little broken French fries from Burger King and it figured 10ยข each. I figured that was too much. I cook a better burger anyway. The answer is that it pays to do your own cooking. Resist buying food that is only meant to satisfy a craving. I'm thinking, salty, crunchy, sweet, etc. OK, I'm thinking Cheezits. If you pay a light bill, invest in all low energy lightbulbs. And don't leave them on just because they are cheap. Look fir a better electricity rate. I did and my highest bills went from $80 to $60 at an apartment. Go easy on car brakes. They will last five times as long if you drive so that you don't need them as much. Replacing them will throw a wrench into a savings program.
  • That depends on how you're saving now. Its easy enough to say just don't buy anything that's not necessary for your survival. However what's needed by one might not be needed by another. I don't watch tv so no cable bill. I don't have a home phone, only a mobile. I don't get my hair or nails done professionally. I don't eat out other than a pack of m&m's or bag of chips once in a while. I shop at Aldi and the thrift stores. I never drive anywhere on a whim. Its always planned ahead. I use mostly water to clean dish soap and ivory. Bleach and vinegar. I don't use paper products other than toilet tissue. I use cloths and towels and wash them. I avoid the isles in the grocery stores and shop mostly the perimeter. I eat very little meat and lots of root vegetables and fruit. Beans rice and pasta are cheap, too. Mostly just write down what you're spending money on and if you find areas you can cut, do. Ride a bike, telecommute, combine trips, co-op sitting instead of day care. Put the kids to work! Don't buy things for them that they don't need. Teach them to share instead of being selfish - if they need that. Encourage home made gifts and gifts of service for Christmas. Kids usually want more of their parent's time anyway. But also there are lots of things that are bad for our health and finances we should stop, like smoking, drinking, gambling, going out, doing drugs, etc. But some people can save a lot of money by making their own coffee before they leave the house or taking a coffee pot to work. Did I mention packing a lunch at work and school? I take one to the hospital with me if my appointments go past lunch. I have a trail mix I make with cereal dried fruit and nuts I keep in my bag and I suggest peanuts or some other non perishable snack be kept in the glove box to tide you over and prevent you from buying a meal out. Being prepared and planning ahead helps. Dave Ramsay has a lot of help for rich people. But also share what you can. You'd be surprised how many times people give me just what I need because I shared something with them. And a lot of Churches help their less fortunate members. Mine does.
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  • I would think comparison shopping for the best prices. ie in supermarkets and other stores. Look for clearance items in clothing store. You might like some of the clothes you see there. Check out sales for items you buy. Use coupons for products you'd purchase if the costs were reduced.
  • Get rid of cable tv. Girlfriend, wife, family all expensive, so reconsider those. Get a CostCo membership. Ride the bus, walk instead of taxis. Coffee maker instead of Starbucks. Pay your credit card in full.
  • There are only two ways to save money. Make more or spend less.

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