• The scriptures say to pray continually. That would have to be on the subconscious level, obviously. I don't think about God on a conscious level when I pay my bills, but paying them is a biblical principle. I most likely would pay my bills anyway, but I find it difficult to separate the biblical principle from my conscious choice to pay my bill. I think about God on a conscious level when I pray to Him. I don't count how many times I pray, but its more on some days than others. Especially depending on who I'm riding with! haha. Its funny, but I'm for real sometimes I'm saying a silent prayer the whole way! And I thank God for my meals, but don't always pray over my breakfast drink. I talk to God before I make big decisions. And I cry out to Him when I'm in pain. What about you? Is it part of your religious practice to count how many times you pray in a day?

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