• Yes he needs to be a Man and concede
  • Yes but impossible with this guy. I think the more important and urgent thing is that anyone in office should do something to help people with covid-19 and do something to stop the spread of covid-19 immediately.
  • Not until the irregularities are investigated. The Dominion software needs to be done away with and no US votes should ever be tabulated anywhere else or sent out of the country for any reason!!! Attorney's General should not be allowed to change the rules at the last minute and ALL VOTES NEED TO BE COUNTED THE FIRST TIME. ID's should be required for all voters and no dead people should be sent ballots!! To be clear, I'm not saying this because I'm a die hard Trump fan, I'm saying this because I believe in being fair. And if you would change your mind if the political parties were turned then you're a hypocrite. Fair is fair no matter who you're for. And the media treatment of Trump was EXTREMELY BIASED AND UNFAIR!! If they had done that on the liberal side the dems would have shit their pants! And I think if you're not being biased you'd agree.
  • When the process is over and if the results are valid. People forget it took 35 days for Al Gore to concede his election loss.
    • Linda Joy
      I HAD forgotten all about that! I wasn't very politically aware back then. I'm probably not much more now.
  • Trump should concede. Even his , for now, AG William Barr said there is no evidence that Trump won the presidential election.
  • Hell yeah Trump should concede. The SCOTUS voted no on the TX try to give the election to trump.
  • Well, there's no point now, he's already lost the election. His own supreme court nominee confirmed Biden as president-elect and Kamala Harris as vice-president-elect.
  • No he should go down in history as the one that said enough is enough. The election was flawed.
    • Archie Bunker
      Indeed it was. Unfortunately, most people will just accept it and move on. Apathy has set in.

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