• My area is over the EU recommendations for pollution, yes it affects different regions, if you are more rural then you will have less pollution. They need to reduce traffic flow in my area. It affects my asthma, yes it bothers me, I'm considering moving but not just due to that reason. I do believe global warming exists, I think most people do, although they may not agree on the cause. I wouldn't give up my car, I have mobility problems and it's my freedom. I don't think our government gives two hoots about global warming, I think it another way to tax people. I judge the government by their actions and they have no concern to stop building homes which is reducing green space and killing wildlife, and increasing traffic flow, which is something I've fought against. People are not going to be able to afford electric cars, the battery alone has a limited lifespan, costs £20,000 to replace, and is going to cause problems in recycling. The RF radiation in the environment is also unmonitored, all RF radiation is a 2B carcinogen, and is on the increase with the 5G network, so I guess cancer rates may help with reduction on population growth, and so reduce pollution, along with anything else they concoct, since we don't go to war anymore, so as Darwin said, that leaves disease, and poverty as reduces in population.

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