• One year I made a recycled beer bottle Christmas tree 😆
  • I like this idea! Pine cones. I've decorated pine cones with my son and his cousin and hung them as ornaments, but you could glue a bunch of them together and make the tree as big as you like. I've seen a picture of a tree painted on the front of a stack of boxes. You could actually put the presents inside the box Christmas tree idea and by the time the presents are opened the tree will be taken down, too! haha! I like decorating the tree with edible ornaments so there's less to pack up in the end. This can be done with the hollow ornaments or just putting a hole in the top of the cookie and running a string or ribbon through it. And candy canes and chocolate wrapped ornaments, little stockings that have nuts and/or berries in them etc. You could use egg crates. They're very adaptable for crafting.
  • You should make it out of cake, or chocolate!
  • Old Christmas tree from last year.
    • Linda Joy

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