• Maybe look at it as being more interested (in his life) instead of being more interesting. I'm sure there is a lot about him that you don't know, since you just met him. Asking a lot of questions might seem like trying to "make" conversation, but to him it might seem that you are interested in his life. Music. Do either of you play an instrument? What is his favorite type of music? All-time favorite song? What instrument would he like to play? Does he sing? Write poetry/songs? Does he draw or paint? Is he interested in cars? (more than just as a vehicle) Then there is work, sports, family. Just focus on feelings rather than just facts. Btw, you seem to be sufficiently fluent in English. I would not have guessed otherwise.
    • Linda Joy
      You sound like bostjan.
  • Depends on the guy. What did he talk about? His job? His family? His hobbies? Sports, cars, guns? or nerdy things? Electronics? Physics?Astronomy? Read some news sites for current events as starting points. Are you both young? Did he talk about school? Does he speak the same language as you? Did he mention something you know nothing about? Look it up online, see what its about. Then ask yourself if this died out naturally do you really have enough in common to continue trying, or does someone else have more in common with you?
  • If you have nothing to talk about after only 3 days? Yeah, keep looking for someone else.

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