• Not a damned thing.
    • Linda Joy
      Well, he did lie a lot:
  • Biden was on the Senate for a long time, and wrote a lot of bills. Few of those became law, however. I recall Biden being mocked once or twice on SNL in the 1990's, being the stereotypical stuff old white Democrat on the Senate. And that's why Obama picked Biden as a running mate (purportedly) - Biden was a stuffy old white Senator - the choice was to snub HRC, who had assumed she would be chosen to make Obama's chances better (which they would not have), and also, hilariously enough, served the purpose of nodding to the GOP, because Biden was considered too old to run in 2016 (which he was). But now, in 2020, the Democrats essentially chose to run the candidate who was the most "plain," in hopes to ... well, umm, I dunno why they chose him, honestly- seems like a bad choice to me. Anyway, here are some of the most recent laws authored by Biden: S 3370 (Federal benefits for victims of Libyan terrorist attacks), S 2565 (Establishing the Federal Law Enforcement Badge of Bravery), S 2106 (Funds for victims of 911), and S 1738, S 3218, S 3605 (Allowing background checks at the federal level on volunteers for charities, and then extending that law). Just like Biden, these aren't very exciting one way or the other.

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