• 70's. But I love me some 80's hair metal.
  • Are you assuming we grow up in 10 years? Would that be the first ten years or the second? Or third? You know the brain doesn't fully develop until about 30 nowadays! And what about parental and sibling influence? I remember old Hank Sr. being played as a child, but he was dead before I was born. Vi loved the Beatles and Rosemary loved Elvis! One of my favorite songs as a child was on an old 78 record about a doll that was being repaired and she wanted to know if she looked all right to be taken home Christmas day! Then there was Baby don't get hooked on me and This Diamond Ring, and Golden Ring, then came The Jackson 5! And I Gotcha! But most of that was before puberty. I also like some new music, but not a lot of it. Mostly I like the home jams some people have when their friends come together to play.
    • Linda Joy
      LOL! You made me spit on my screen! Shortest decade known to man!
  • 90s. Grunge -- the last original music genre before everything became autotuned remixes of remixes. Nirvana and Soundgarden. Glad I was there.
  • Early Millennium with music performers such as Linkin Park, Gwen Stefani. Coldplay and others.

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