• You speak of ancient history. My sister said we are direct descendants of Alexander the Great. I didn't know who he was until she told me that. My recent family history is more weird. My family tree is full of nuts! My mother was mentally damaged at 12 years old when she was hit by a car and it put a hole in her frontal lobe. My aunt said she was "never the same after that." My father and all my stepfathers were pedophiles. But I guess that can be expected with a mentally damaged mother, 7 daughters and a world full of pedophiles! My sister, Rosemary was mentally damaged when her husband threw an ashtray that supposedly bounced off the carpet and hit her in the head and instead of taking her to the hospital he let her sleep it off. She had a lesion on her brain that caused schizophrenia. Her children (one male one female) were lured into prostitution as teens, maybe earlier. Sandra committed suicide after surviving being hit head on by a tractor trailer and her children were raised by my sister Viola while both their parents rehabilitated for well over a year. She committed suicide a few years after their father was brutally murdered, sodomized with a broom handle, beaten and stuffed in the trunk of a car and pushed into the Mississippi. Tina went into foster care as a teen. She claims to have many mental illnesses including bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Viola and I also suffer from depression, and alcoholism affects some of them. Mom and Viola for sure, maybe others. I haven't done much ancestry, but apparently (from census records) my father's family had a servant and his grandmother or great grandmother had a black child before marrying my great grandfather. He lived in an apartment around the corner. My grandfather also had two more siblings I didn't know about. I have photos of the first three. Suffice to say I never knew much about my father's family since he left when I was two. Lots of interesting stuff can be learned from family history. I guess I never was much interested since I'd rather not claim the family anyway. My patriarchal blessing says I'm adopted. I accept that.

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