• "Gauge" is a rather vague term. With sheet metal, it can vary between manufacturers, but even with the same manufacturer, it varies based on weight. So aluminum has totally different gauge thickness conversion to inches than stainless steel does. Usually, the material is manufactured based on basis weight instead of thickness, because sheet metal is rolled to thickness instead of cast. It's a stupid way of doing everything, if you ask me, and instead, thickness should be based on thickness instead of weight, but the manufacturing industry in the USA is still living in the 1940's for some reason.
  • "witch it right?" You need to use the little orang icon with the pencil to edit your question. Then save it with the red icon. Then maybe someone can understand what you're saying. I seriously doubt a witch is going to help you with gauge conversion. And back to grade school with you! Sentences start with a capital letter gauge doesn't.

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