• Funnily enough, in my old age, I've become a fan of Simply Red, who I had no time for in my younger days. They were great live as well. Holding Back The Years He wrote this when he was 17, his mother left when he was three, and his father who brought him up was strict. A very grown up song for the young man he was back then. If You Don't Know Me By Now For Your Babies Stars Holding Back The Years (live) I've also been listening to George Michael again. I can't stand the auto-tone voices of today, people can't sing like they use to. People use to watch their favourite singers and bands, not film them on their phones, and they use to hold lighters or sparklers. I Can't Make You Love Me (live) One More Try A Different Corner Kissing A Fool I still prefer older music, especially R and B when it was smooth, sometimes you can make it your new music. Or dance music..
  • One of my favourite all-time instrumental songs is "Hardball" by Estradasphere. Every song by the band is completely different, so they might have something else that's up your alley. Most of their stuff is instrumental and has some combination of different genres mixed togather. "Hardball" is mostly funk and Bulgarian folk music with a little rock and roll, and a tiny bit of heavy metal.

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