• I hope this is a rhetorical question. Obviously, anyone who commits a crime is primarily to blame for the crime. That's not to say that we should encourage people to be careless about becoming a victim, but these are two issues that should not be confused with one another.
    • Linda Joy
      I suppose you don't see this as trolling either? Only when I do something you don't like? Not when someone else posts a question OBVIOUSLY INTENDED TO INFLAME, just to get responses? If you're going to judge me you need to be fair and unbiased, and not single me out just because I disagree with you sometimes!
  • The man
  • If a pile of someone else's money was sitting in front of you and you stole it, who would be to blame? This is just stupid. EACH AND EVERY PERSON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN CHOICES! PERIOD!!

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