• Bad news! It makes me very sad. I hope President Trump has a speedy recovfefe.
  • My "guess" is it's fake news to distract attention away from the uptick in CV-19 infections and struggling economy. Everything Trump says or does is meticulously planned to control the news cycle.
    • Linda Joy
      Not here: "Coronavirus cases in Alabama have been on the decline since the end of July, and now hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus seem to be following suit. The 7-day average for new cases reached a peak of 1,851 on July 19, and has been steadily declining ever since. It now stands at 855 - nearly 1,000 fewer daily cases." ******* Where do you live? Are they up there?
    • Linda Joy
      And not nationally, but it did say there were three places where that was not the case:
  • I'm more likely to believe Cocaine in the white house, than Covid.
  • Yes this is something else
  • With a 99% survival rate, it's not worrisome.
    • bostjan64
    • Archie Bunker
      Wouldn't be worried at 93%. And it depends on your age bracket, right?
    • Linda Joy
      He won't listen even with the proof in front of his eyes that the morbidity rate is dropping he's sticking to the story that came out in the very beginning! Like the old song says, that's his story and he's stickin' to it!!
    • bostjan64
      I've shown my methodology (basing off of global totals from recent data) and backed up my numbers with a credible source (CDC, a federal agency that answers to Trump via the Secretary of Health) that shows the same number I came up with independently, based off of the official numbers. None of that takes into account the fact that testing has dropped significantly because hospitals are insisting sick people stay home and morgues are refusing to test the dead, which would keep the official numbers low. Also, what would be the reason for the mortality rate to drop? There is no vaccine and no treatment, so how is this even grounded in reality? If you want to argue that the official numbers are wrong, based on "feel facts," and post an opinion piece that shows more mathematics that don't even work out, then, whatever, there's no sense in discussing it any further. Mortality rate of a disease is the number of total deaths divided by the number of total cases. And if you want to give the impression that covid is no more dangerous than the common cold, then how do you explain how it killed Herman Cain, who was healthy just before he contracted the disease?!

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