• Yes , I once was taking a Geography Examination. I wrote my name on the top of the paper turned it over got up and left the Exam. Hall. I hated the teacher, she hated me or at least she hated my religion.I was Catholic she was Irish Protestant.
  • Yes, I failed advanced algebra, I can't do math worth a shit.
  • I got rather close to doing that and it wasn't my fault. It was the teacher. I was a pretty good student on most subject. Once in Middle School I was getting near failing grades in a history class. I loved history so my parents couldn't believe this. Then I told them that the teacher had a model airplane collection (mostly hanging from the school classroom ceiling) and you could get a lot of extra points on your grades if you brought in a model and gave it to him. My best friend hated history and never did the work, she was getting a C- !!! I didn't want to do a military or whatever model to bribe the teacher. My parents talked to the school and they arranged for me to do extra history reports and then the teacher could give me points on those. THey thought it was okay for him to ask for the models since they were all military planes and so part of history. BS!!! I finished with a C. My first and only non-phys ed class with a C.
  • I failed my algebra class and had to go to summer school.
  • no, but many grades/classes failed me
  • No. I started Kindergarten a year early and growing up the education system were always trying to get me to skip grades or go to accelerated classes (for the gifted).
  • I failed Algebra II in high school but only because the teacher sucked. I retook it the following year with a different teacher and I passed with a B.
  • Yes, first grade
  • no, but i may have gotten one incomplete ... or something.
  • i just got my results.. i failed grade 10
  • I've failed more than one class.
  • Never!
  • I failed Spanish in sixth grade and later Trig in eleventh grade. I tried to use these things as proof that I'm not intelligent, but it didn't take.
  • Came really close with Chemistry...REALLY close!
  • Does coming up short on High School credits and having to complete another short half semester count? I was pretty close but I spent most of H.S. working a full time job and partying my ass of in between
  • Actually Yes. I Failed alot of classes last year (I was sick alot) So they held me back a grade and i had to make it up this year. But the way it looks i will still graduate on time!
  • i'm getting awfully close to failing physics. i currently have a D. i really need to pull it up, but it feels really hopeless right now.
  • The only class I have ever failed was Algebra II.
  • yes, i was going to this community college and at the same time theyve been doing construction outside my window for almost a yr and a half, i couldnt study at home cause of all the racket and flunked out, and lost my grants, i wont even consider school till theyre done with their dumb project
  • Yes, because I was completely unsupervised and not cared for as a youngster. In college however, when it was my choice to be there and I could see the benefits of having good grades, my grades were great.

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