• NO!😎
  • Metallica
  • Alice Cooper did it first, and the entire genre of Norwegian Black Metal did their makeup better. I dunno, I guess they had a couple of decent songs, but they were never my favourite band by any stretch. The best thing they did was trying to go disco and inadvertently killing off the trend. That and set the world record for the fewest pedal notes in a song with "Lick It Up", which only has the A bass note in it. If you ever find the A note on a keyboard or guitar, just play it to this rhythm: "One and two and three and four and..." -do that for 3 minutes without changing and throw in the lyrics "lick it up lick it up ahhhhh ahhhhh ahh," and you have the song.
  • I am not.
  • Not so much. Cool boots though!

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