• Yeah, when I was maybe a little older than you, I had a really rough time. My grandmother who raised me since I was two died of cancer, everyone at my school hated me (I was getting jumped by groups of older kids every day), I didn't have any friends, and my life was overly stressful (I started college very early and I was also working part time and going to school). It happened again in my late teens, when I had some similar troubles. But things got much better. Things always get better if you work at them. Life has ups and downs. If you go out on a low note, it's pretty lame. If you endure the hardships, you'll build character. Suicide is like cutting off your hand because you got a hangnail. It doesn't make anything better for anyone. If you want more information, call 1-800-273-8255.
    • Steven Bell
      sorry to hear and it doesn't make things better
    • bostjan64
      Did you call the number?

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