• They seem to be listed as two distinct profiles: and and ; however, if you click on "answers" and then click on one of the answers listed, you might see an answer listed on one profile page, but referenced to another on the question page. For example: On the profile page for Rachelxxxx, the first answer listed is "90s dance music like house and techno." for the question "What's your favorite music genre?" If you click on the question on that page, there is no answer displayed from Rachelxxxx, but there is an identical answer listed from the Mary Dreamilton account. Perhaps the email you used is the same for both accounts and there is something going on when the answerbag website's software queries the database and it's pulling up one account before it sees the other, so the original account is soft locked from logging in using email. I'd imagine that the same issue would cause problems when you try to recover your password. A site admin would probably be able to fix it in 5 minutes, but this site seems to have been on autopilot for the past 3-4 years now.
    • Mary Dreamilton
      They are two profiles. I made this one because I couldn't get my other one to log in. I made a new email address for this account. I copied all my answers from my old account using this one because they weren't showing. They seem to have been erased. My sister told me about that so I tried creating a new account and making a fresh start.
    • Seth.bell
      You got served girl
  • I flagged your posts as offensive because of the pornographic photo you seemed to want everyone to see. This is a family site and I don't want to see your nasty naked ass! I'm surprised your sister didn't tell you. I already told her why they were gone.
    • Steven Bell
      you just offed her good job
    • Bootsiebaby
      I did tell her to try a less explicit picture, neither of us expected the profile to become locked just like that. That wasn't what used to happen on the old Answerbag (of which I was a member for four years), they just removed the picture and nothing else. How did you wingle it so that they shut the entire profile just because YOU, PERSONALLY, didn't approve of the avatar? Don't tell me you didn't because I don't believe you.

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