• Its a little island down south somewhere near Austrailia. But I think they have some really exotic animals down there specific to New Zealand, like the kiwi and several other birds and penguins.
  • It's the other country down under that isn't Australia.
  • It's a made-up place that J R R Tolkein wrote about that was full of orcs, hobbits, and wizards. There are also these little fictional dragons that are fuzzy and fat and cannot fly who live there, called kiwis. And they speak a language that sounds somehow even more Australian than Australian. So... What?- it's a nation consisting of islands. Where?- in the southern hemisphere of planet Earth. When?- Since giant dinosaur-like birds called the moa roamed the Earth. Who?- Captain Cook, Colonists, Canoe-riders, Cannibals, Kiwis, Kea, Kuri, and other things that start with a "k" sound, except covid-19. How bizzare? OMC.

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