• My opinion is contact your Attorney Generals Office / Your Governors Office explain your situation and see where you stand
  • I'd call the local homeless shelter, or your social worker from the food stamp office (DHR or DHS whatever its called where you live) They may be able to provide you with the current information you need, but not knowing where you live and not going to ask online I don't know what your local area has in the way of resources. If you lived in or near Brimingham, Al I could link you to a list of resources, but you can probably find your local resources office online if you google it. Just google human resources and where you live. The red cross would probably also have a lot of useful information. They helped me after an apartment fire and a hurricane. Don't delay to sign up for any assistance for which you qualify. If you don't need it later you can drop it, but getting started sometimes takes time. They have waiting lists at shelters and sometimes you need to keep calling back. Do it even if you don't get evicted, its better to have a place on the list just in case! I don't know where you live, but it will be getting colder here soon and space will be even more in demand. And moreso this year than there has been in a long time. And if you get in don't loose your shelter by breaking the rules! Its not worth it! But you can contact me privately if you wish my email is in my profile and I've been homeless so I might could give you some tips even before it comes to that.

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