• I thought NPR was impartial! They're saying "Amid Peaceful Protest Crowd surrounds..." Everyone else is saying he was attacked by a mob and thanks the police for saving his life! If we don't have clearly defined rules on when a crowd turns into a mob then we need to draw them up. And people need to be able to protect their lives and property without being prosecuted for murder. Lets put the blame on the protester who crossed the line between peaceful proteser and mob vigilante! Either way you won't find me out mobbing and looting. I'll leave the difference between stealing and robbery to the courts, but taking something that doesn't belong to you is wrong and they know it! And God knows they know it, too! They're not getting away with anything. Same goes for trying to intimidate people. You're just showing everyone who you really are at the core when you knowingly misbehave. It has nothing at all to do with helping anyone who is suffering. If you want to help the less fortunate go help them, don't tear down a store or intimidate a politician. That just shows you're a bully, and as you've seen bullies who make poor choices end up dead. looting a building isn't going to help anyone! Lebron James wants to help these people why don't he tell them to stop acting like animals and better themselves. Why waste that energy that could be used to build them up!

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