• Of course!! My parents and two sisters are dead, but I find joy in life every day. I'm sure they'd be disappointed if I didn't just because they have gone on to a better life! Finding joy in your journey is a choice and a lot of it depends on how you look at things. Do you look to find the bad or the good? Either way you'll find it. This whole pandemic has uncovered obvious evil, but also has uncovered so many helpful people as well! I've been given two boxes of food for no other reason than people need fed during the pandemic and others are helping. I didn't even ask for it! I had 1200 added to my bank account I didn't ask for or deserve. I haven't been terribly adversely affected by the pandemic. Except for my cancer treatments and optometry visit being delayed. School shootings temporarily stopped, the entire world is cleaner!! I can't stress how important that one is! And everyone in the entire world is getting a lesson in adaptability which is the only way you survive a pandemic is by being adaptable! Even those who died were a lesson in survival one way or the other. Children are getting lessons in being adaptable in their learning, doctors and broadcasters are learning to zoom and finding other ways to do what they do! It has caused people to be more considerate of the elderly and taught those who didn't know what its like for cancer patients that have to be this diligent all the time! It has grown sympathy and empathy for others. It has also taught me to watch the politicians to see which ones want to grab power and restrict liberty which is important to me. Its taught me to watch the democrats to see what they are doing to help their people, or keep them down. Its taught me I can learn spiritually on my own, but that my Church family loves me and they have started two FB pages for two separate groups. I'm seeing people I lost touch with ten years ago when I moved. My son was involved in transporting medical equipment. I helped other cancer patients and my neighbors. Change is the only sign of growth in the living and I think overall this was a good thing for the people in the world. We've definitely learned a lot the past few months!

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